Why I created this forum..

Updated: Feb 2

I wish i had someone that could be there for me when i had questions...Now there is a true to the core resource and community for us as 1st responder families.

I created this forum because we don’t walk into the Fire Wife Life equipped with everything we need to effortlessly transition into the fire life.  Some of us do manage pretty well, but most of us don't make the transition so easily.  Whether it’s a newlywed who had no idea what the fire life was really going to be like, or the wife married 10 years before her husband decided one day he really wanted to be a fireman.

You are a strong, capable woman who holds down the fort (and likely a career too!) for more than just an 8 hour office day, while your husband runs off to save the world.

We spend a LOT of time talking about our husbands, the firehouse life and our marriages. This is a forum to vent, but this isn't a husband bashing session.

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