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Updated: Feb 2, 2020

That fancy dinner for date night you just made for six hours is now going to be eaten alone and heated up in the microwave so that the elderly man just a few roads away has a chance at life again. Your bed will grow cold at night when he jumps out and kisses you goodbye when the tone goes off for a car accident on a major highway where he will spend most of his night out in the negative temperatures saving the lives of the people involved. Kids' sporting events, weddings, birthday parties, all of this will go interrupted at some point in your life.

Most firemen you find to be rough around the edges but deep down, they're probably the most soft hearted people you would ever meet. A lot of the reasons fireman get bad reputations for bad attitudes in situations is due to PTSD, which is rather common in firemen. Another bonus because of this traumatic career path is that you build a special bond with your department and become a family of fellow supporters who know exactly what you are going through. Not only all of this, but it can also bring you and your fireman much closer together.

Now unfortunately, not all people can make a fire marriage work and research has found that firemen divorce rates are right up their at the top of the list with Police and EMS workers. That is a bad rating, yes, but it also shows how committed the significant others who stayed are. This bond is a hard one to break and many believe that it is a rather unique type of love between the two that rarely gets noticed and is one of the most selfless loves there is.

A fireman's life is not an easy one nor is it for the faint hearted. It's not the life romance or erotic novels write about when they want to sell you a story. This is the raw truth of the life of a fireman and his wife. This is the reality that nobody ever speaks of.

At the end of the day, being a firefighter is hard, but being a fire wife is also hard. We deal with so many things that non-fire wives might not even think about. Of course, it might be easier to be married to someone who has a normal 9-to-5 job, but you can’t help who you fall in love with. You don’t choose your person. I knew what I was getting into when we first started dating. Did I think it would be this hard? Absolutely not, but is it worth it? A million times yes. He is my person, and I am a fire wife.

What are some of the hardships you face as a FireWife?

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